Monday, October 12, 2009

Wild Burrow Trail, Hike, 10-08-09, Part 3

Last of the pictures!  This is still coming down the trail , you can see how much drier this side of the canyon is.

On the hill above, a balancing rock...Not alot of those in here that I have seen so far.

Down down down...hey like that!

More of that view! Really looks smokey but it wasn't really.

Hey there is ME coming down the same trail seen above.

Done !!! Back to the juncture.

Course, I couldn't resist this...ODD twisted dead tree. HOW it got that way?
Who knows....

Well that is that part of this Canyon.  One day I shall have more of other trails in there...and more fun!

1 comment:

  1. ID? this is pretty remote as I have been on trails like this before at South in Phoenix.
    Love the twisted tree...LOl....something that would have caught my eye, too.