Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Caltalina State Park, Sutherland and 50yr. old trail, Part 3

I really need to finish this post before I add another hike! So will try to finish this!

The tenacious cacti....nice plant growing in the rock!

YES, there is a trail here!!!

Saw three of these! The trail weaves in and out of these gates.  Easy to pass through, but better close it up!

Note the guide rock pile!!!  Thes really help throughout !

This view is common of course along this trail!

FINALLY the trail marker I was looking for! Points towards the Mts. to continue on the trail .  One day I shall do that, without the "loop" I took that day!

Here the trail connection looks like a RIVER bed.  But on the map it shows as a trail for hiking, horses, AND ATV's!

Here in the distance, finally will leave this wide rock trail behind.  It was quite long!

All for now....hard to believe, yes, I DO have more!!!  Hey this was over 12.9 miles...!

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  1. WOW! That is a long way on that type of terrian. Great job!