Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Muddy Water galore in the Rillito River! 3-8-10

2.5 feet.  I have pictures of this SAME pilon with water over the top!
My road way....NOT
View up the river
Heavy flow here, but it has been much higher in the past during the summer.
Heavy here...the road already had alot of pot holes .  Wonder if there will be any pavement left?!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More from my hike on March 4th. to the Hugh Norris trail

Continuing from the Mine up to Hugh Norris
And up!
Looking back the way I came.
Lofty view!
This is my view from the Hugh Norris Saddle. Sat here and enjoyed a respit
The mine in the foreground has been in operation as long as I can remember. When I moved to Tucson in '82, there was another mountain is now gone!
This view is of the mountain one normally views from Ava Valley Rd.
Mountains in the distance are the Tortillitas.
This is a different view of Piacho peak!
Converging the left is the Sendero Esperanza meeting the Hugh Norris, where I am sitting.  There are sign post to let you know where to go next!
This is the post from the Esperanza trail that leads down from the mine.
Trail is a bit rocky here.  Doesn't appear to be really well traveled. Didn't see alot of boot tracks, did see horse shoes tracks.
Looking up from the Gould Mine trail to the tailings.
This brush, is normally a grey green during the summer.  I have never seen it like this!
Another view of the tailings.
Looking back up the Gould Mine trail...hey it really IS this color!
Heading back to the trail head
So neat to see the ocotillow so greened up.
The red sand limestone rock here is really odd.  Just pops up suddenly.
GOODIE, almost done!
Up out of the wash.  Trail looks different from this point of view. This is where I started out!
Ok , for some of the wild flowers in bloom...This is called Fairy Duster. A favorite of Hummingbirds. Not one here...
group of poppies.
GREEN Desert! What an oddity!
Last but not they are NOT a desert flower, nor native here.  But they bloom in peopls yards this time of year.  SO happy in the sunshine.  Wanted to finish with this bright spot!

Friday, March 5, 2010

MT. WRIGHTSON....long view....with snow!

Hike 3--04-10, Kings Canyon-Sendero Esperanza to Norris, back via Gould Mine

Trail heads down to the wash here.  This is one of 2 ways to go. I regretted this choice, when I realized, I had to walk the wash all the way to the Picnic area.
Trail here is still going through the wash. This part takes you up and above a rock wall!
Along the way, an oaisis of rain water left from Sundays storm. This is 4 days post!
You will have to picture water flowing here!  Only runs when it rains.
The other trail up from the wash.  Decided to climb up there. Ran into an ocotillo that was nice enough to comb my hair !
View of the valley from the trail...this is north west.
View of the wash from the upper trail.  I would have been walking there had I not climbed the hill!
More of the wash, almost to the end.
First trail marker I find here. The restroom is blacked out....there IS none!
I continued on the Kings Canyon trail.
The trail heading that way, climbs here.
Mt. Wasson.  NO I did not make that spot this trip!
Pleasant here!
Ok, I found the ocotillo blooming here.  The hummingbirds really love RED!
This is the Sendero Esperanza trail.
This is my rest stop where I ate my orange.
Also evident of heavy water during the rains.
Rock house on this trail.  Nestled into the mountain, not that far from the mine.
Mine shaft is covered here to protect idiots, oh, ok, folks...
The Gould Mine trail.  I will take that back.  The foreground is part of the tailings from the mine.
On the way to the Hugh Norris trail.
More later!