Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TRIP HOME IN MAY via the Colorado River

Took a different route home, but first as I traveled through the Mojave Desert, stopped at this rest stop. Been there before, and this huge Joshua tree is still there facinating alot of photographers!  No idea how old it is, but the base is so solid.  Very healthy tree.
Anyway, come to the crossing of the Colorado, a different route, via Lake Havasu this time. Had never gone that route, had NO idea how much better this was than Hwy 95 on the California side of the border.  This route is 95 on the Arizona side of the Colorado.  Busier, with people , and the city of Havasu city, but BETTER road, and not so lonely.
But before I crossed here, I had to check out this perserve, complete with signs. They are a bit hard to read, sorry.
Buckskin mountains

The preserve
Really someting....lots of life here
Othere side of the bridge, but more water among the marsh
Looking arcoss the river to California
DID a little hike here too.....up this trail to view the marsh better
Volcanic Snag here, there is a little town below it...a river town where , I imagine people come to fish.
Well all for now.

Monday, June 20, 2011

GRAND CANYON interests

Wanted to share some of the interesting things at the Grand Canyon  This old cabin has been update with paint, but below read the story behind it.  Included a black and white of the cabin when the owner lived in it!  Really something to think....
The sign here to read....should be able to click once to read.  I photographed it is parts to make it readable. 

And the cabin from yesteryear....1889 to be exact..
Another interesting place, the El Tovar, wonderful OLD hotel....want to stay there one day!
View from the East.  Hotel is perched on the Canyon edge!
And from the West
Hotel today....
                                                                        Hotel in 1905
The signs to read
Really quite interesting....just to think... This is the inside in the beginning.  I would have taken one today, if it would have been visible.  Though the sign says it is pretty much the same, the layout, beans, and posts are, but some dummy painted it over in DARK GREY....Odd....

Saturday, June 18, 2011


More of the Bright Angel Canyon view.  BTW, in an early presentation, the canyon I said was one of my favorites, IS in fact called the Bright Angel Canyon, and the rim to rim trail passes through there.  One day!
View across from El Tovar and the Bright Angel trail head.  Will be walking there this morning.  All paved.  Some pretty steep.
 Love the contrast here with the bright golden yellow, and the pinks and purples in the back ground.
This one is disturbing, in that it really shows the smoke in the Canyon from the fires in Northern Arizona
More contrasting colors.  Just amazing.  Certainly not a boring place at all!  Again some of the trail is visible from here.
Double click on this view of the trail to enlarge., There are lots of people on the trail.  Some who are no intent of hiking any distance, and are not geared for it at all.  WATER is the biggest thing you need to hike even short distances into the Canyon.  I would not have gone that far without my regular water pack.
Continuing on the RIM trail here, past the El Tovar Hotel.
This view shows the CUT out on the trail.  NOT a natural bridge, but man made.  A definite must!
Trail view here, is so inviting.  I am so drawn by it, WANT to hike it so badly!!
This little ledge on trail, is there on purpose, a place to retreat to when the mule trail comes along!
                                                    Better view of the opening in the wall.
Trail ahead doesn't look all that hard at this point. 
Ok las view of the opening.....tomorrow something more with this point on the trail.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The sunrise touches the Canyon across the vast expanse, while shadows cling to the cliff below me..
The morning rays over the canyon really capture its beauty.  Pictures taken during the main part of the day, just do not do it justice.
Ok, so I had to have a morning picture with the Canyon behind me!
Love the contrast here between the junipers and the Canyon behind them.

The juniper at the Canyon, are old looking and twisted.  Not sure if that is all the wind they get, snow or what.  But makes for intersting looking trees.  Funny the Pine up there, is normal looking like it does not mind the weather at the Canyon.
More morning shadows to view.
My pathway along the Canyon.  This one is the Canyon Rim trail
Peaking down the shadows of Bright Angel Trail.  Looks cool huh!  NOT.  On the rim, though it is in the 40's, the morning sun is pretty warm.  I could be wearing shorts, and be fine...
Note the shadow changes between the next two pictures.  I could stand there and WATCH the shadows change...
Well,  will have more tomorrow....Enjoy