Monday, June 13, 2011

AGASSIZ PEAK, the finish...

Finish up my time at Agassiz Peak.  This sign I thought was a good one to share, considering how many folk ever get here.  Certainly NO ME! Well, I definitely would never have done this without my group from
Click twice to make it big enough to read.  Very interesting! Course we have to disagree with the MILLIONS bit here,  we are Young Earth Creationists.  Jim was saying that when in Hawaii, they tested FRESH Magma out of the volcano at 1.5 million years.  SO....the way they date things is obviously faulty, thus the fact they are only guessing at 6 mil....
At the top of the trail, or trails end up this peak is a well worn trail
Oh yes, there is a FENCE , wooden, not enough to keep you out, till you read the sign! That peak you are looking at is Agassiz Peak!
Bristlecone Pine up here....and the SIGN that makes you think twice about venturing beyond!  The reason for the restriction....a PLANT, an endangered plant....good grief.  I read on line, you can hike up there only with snow!!! Ok, so you walk on the snow over the plant....and that is better?
More of this fabulous view!
Heading back down.  This is Jim's wife.   Sorry, I keep forgetting her name!
There is a wire net below where you get on the chair.  For WHAT?  Guess people loose things there?
WONDERFUL ride back down.  Really got cold, had to put my jacket back on, that wind was too much!
PINE cones on the trees as we went down.  So many, Thought they were really pretty.

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