Thursday, June 16, 2011


The sunrise touches the Canyon across the vast expanse, while shadows cling to the cliff below me..
The morning rays over the canyon really capture its beauty.  Pictures taken during the main part of the day, just do not do it justice.
Ok, so I had to have a morning picture with the Canyon behind me!
Love the contrast here between the junipers and the Canyon behind them.

The juniper at the Canyon, are old looking and twisted.  Not sure if that is all the wind they get, snow or what.  But makes for intersting looking trees.  Funny the Pine up there, is normal looking like it does not mind the weather at the Canyon.
More morning shadows to view.
My pathway along the Canyon.  This one is the Canyon Rim trail
Peaking down the shadows of Bright Angel Trail.  Looks cool huh!  NOT.  On the rim, though it is in the 40's, the morning sun is pretty warm.  I could be wearing shorts, and be fine...
Note the shadow changes between the next two pictures.  I could stand there and WATCH the shadows change...
Well,  will have more tomorrow....Enjoy

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