Monday, June 20, 2011

GRAND CANYON interests

Wanted to share some of the interesting things at the Grand Canyon  This old cabin has been update with paint, but below read the story behind it.  Included a black and white of the cabin when the owner lived in it!  Really something to think....
The sign here to read....should be able to click once to read.  I photographed it is parts to make it readable. 

And the cabin from yesteryear....1889 to be exact..
Another interesting place, the El Tovar, wonderful OLD hotel....want to stay there one day!
View from the East.  Hotel is perched on the Canyon edge!
And from the West
Hotel today....
                                                                        Hotel in 1905
The signs to read
Really quite interesting....just to think... This is the inside in the beginning.  I would have taken one today, if it would have been visible.  Though the sign says it is pretty much the same, the layout, beans, and posts are, but some dummy painted it over in DARK GREY....Odd....

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