Saturday, June 11, 2011


Unable to post in my Spark blog, so will try here!  First ski lift I encountered. Not open...huh? So drove on up the road.
Well this is more like it.  Still there was NO one there yet, just me!  Got there at about 9:15
This is one of many ski runs. One goes up the lift to the top, and
whosshes down...hey that is my own word!

This is the lodge side view.  Stuff here is typically awfully expensive.  I eyeballed a jacket in MY color, on sale was $49.  YIKES.  At Walmart it would be $15
This lift is over 8,000 feet to start.  Mt. Lemmon is just over 9,000.  The air was cool, sometimes windy and cold.  But for the most part NICE!
These 2 signs you can click on to read, all about this lift

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