Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TRIP HOME IN MAY via the Colorado River

Took a different route home, but first as I traveled through the Mojave Desert, stopped at this rest stop. Been there before, and this huge Joshua tree is still there facinating alot of photographers!  No idea how old it is, but the base is so solid.  Very healthy tree.
Anyway, come to the crossing of the Colorado, a different route, via Lake Havasu this time. Had never gone that route, had NO idea how much better this was than Hwy 95 on the California side of the border.  This route is 95 on the Arizona side of the Colorado.  Busier, with people , and the city of Havasu city, but BETTER road, and not so lonely.
But before I crossed here, I had to check out this perserve, complete with signs. They are a bit hard to read, sorry.
Buckskin mountains

The preserve
Really someting....lots of life here
Othere side of the bridge, but more water among the marsh
Looking arcoss the river to California
DID a little hike here too.....up this trail to view the marsh better
Volcanic Snag here, there is a little town below it...a river town where , I imagine people come to fish.
Well all for now.

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