Wednesday, June 15, 2011


On my way to the canyon Sunday morning, before I got to this spot 4 deer ran across the road....I was driving slow, not just for the traffic, but I didn't want to hit any deer.  When I turned the road here I encounter 2 elk, causually chomping grass along the road, they did not even lift their heads to look my way.  Those animals are WAY too used to humans!  Sorry for the bum shot here!
Anyway, one of my big reasons for staying overnight at the Canyon was to take sunrise pictures.  Never had done that before, and never had a camera that would really capture those views like now.
Though I missed the very FIRST rays, still got alot of the sunrise colors here.
I kept hearing the music of the Canyon in my head, looking over the view here.  Ate my breakfast looking over the Canyon....
This part of the Canyon, has the Bright Angel trail.  Here it shady, but still the Canyon gets pretty warm this time of year.  In the sun , it can be brutle.

The haze from fires burning is really evident here.  Normally these view are clear and sharp.
This view makes me think of a SHIP!  Love the golden colors here too.  The largest layer here is seen all around the rim of the canyon.  Amazing evidence for the Flood!!!!  Course most of the Canyon "teachers", believe in Millions of years....sorry....
More of the Bright Angel Trail.  Someday......
Last peak here of the Sunrise.....

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  1. Love the photos. Hope to see some of the views when I get there in October.