Sunday, June 12, 2011

AGASSIZ PEAK....continued

The trees along the one trail looked peculiar.  Not sure why.  Snow does NOET get that high!
The ride up was really pretty,  Not all that cold on the way up, but coming down was windy and cold!
Had no idea there was snow on the mountain.  No running creeks were seen, so assume it sinks into the ground.  This snow is on the North side of the mountain.
Young trees growing along the lift line....must be happy to have their heads out of the snow!
We saw two water bottles below too, dropped accidently we were sure.
One of the pilons, took this to show the elevation.  Here we were ABOVE Mt. Lemmons elevation, and we were NOT at the top of this mountain.
Volcano in the distance.  Can't remember the name.  But that peak is part of this mountain too.
Almost to the top here.
Snow under the building at the top of the ski lift
and the  ha!
Not sure how this will show here.  One of my panoramics
Another Volcano in the distance.  BTW, LOTS of volcanos here.  The pic above captures alot of Cinder cones, as well as the smoke from Arizona fires.  If it weren't for the fires, we could see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Everyone was taking picutres here, so had them take me too!
Heading up a short hike up Agassiz Peak.
Don't get close to the edge!
This blocks of snow still up here tells a tale!!!

Well , that is it for now!!!!

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