Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have an OLD record...yes record....titled the LURE OF THE GRAND CANYON....if I could play it while you view these I would!  I have to put it on a CD first.....but I hear it in my head looking at these pictures.  Sorry I can't name the peaks and valleys...but enjoy anyway!  Wanted to get in some sunset pictures the day I got there, and I did.  Sadly , you can also see a smoke haze in the canyon....
This is one of my favorite canyon views, looking up that long canyon.  Makes me want to explore!
This view, is pretty famous too.  Fun to have a camera that really caputers it well....Awesome place!
Bright Angel Trail.  Can't see anything on it, but they are smaller than ants from here!  ONE DAY I will be on it!  Pretty warm down there in the sun, High 80's.  This would NOT be the time of year to hike the canyon, but plenty do it. Not alot with SMARTS!
Love how the setting sun caputres the rocks with wonderful color.
Looks like that rock will fall off one day soon!
Trees grow where ever there is dirt.  Water seeps down when it rains and from snow.  But right now gets pretty dry.
How about some Grand Canyon Flowers!!!  Again will have to wait on the name!
The GRAND Canyon....truly is grand.  Where ever you look!
A proverbial TRAIL....this is the Rim trail.  Really nice, and constantly maintained.
Love the Golden colors
Time to say goodnight moon....

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  1. Thank you Kathy for sharing your lovely pics of Grand Canyon. I'll be there Oct 1-2 and hope it won't be too hot.
    Ania from Australia