Saturday, October 3, 2009

Caltalina State Park, Sutherland and 50yr. old trail, Part 1

I cannot post all my hike here in this one blog, so will do it in parts.  Really was beautiful, overcast, though not enough, since I forgot my sunscreen and discovered I DID get a slight sunburn on my arms.  Anyway....started out from the parking lot trailhead...

Starting out, pretty easy trail, so far.

The trail here includes the Canyon loop and Sutherland, which I chose for my hike..

Ok, this is still both trails.  I was happy to see it winding through this kind of scenery. 

First Wash crossing.  I believe this is the Sutherland Wash.

Back across the same Wash. 

Trail is pretty wide here.  Obviously well traveled. Wider to accompodate more folks.

The only "rest stop" with a bench that I saw.

Moving on

This is still 2 trails in one. This part with wooden steps.

Another crossing of the same Wash.  Beyond the trails separate.

Sign post where the trails split. Oh if I had only known what this would mean when I kept on going towards the mountains!

From the sign post, the trail goes UP again, via wooden steps.

Will continue later....

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