Thursday, October 8, 2009

Caltalina State Park, Sutherland and 50yr. old trail, Part 4

This is the final posting from this LONG hike.  Here is the trail marker for the 50-yr. trail. NO idea why the name.  BUT there is alot of trail going to the right at this point.  I went left....

Looking straight ahead is the point I entered this trail.

Trail heads sound here, and up the slope in switch backs.  I have not shared that here.

This trail is a multi use trail.  I was passed by Mountain bikers ...turned out when the lead spoke, I recognized his voice!!! How wild is that?  He has a very distinctive voice.  AND is the worship leader at my church!!!!

The view is really nice from this trail.

This trail really IS pretty straight along the ridge.

The buildings in the foreground, I thought was my parking lot, turns out it was a Meeting place!

This part of the trail is called the Bridel trail.  People ride their horses along here alot.

That is it !  Hope you enjoyed this trip!

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