Monday, October 26, 2009

Madera Canyon, Hike on Oct. 24, 2009 (Part 2)

Ok well, continuing on here....UP of course....always up for this post I am sure!

Well, really, how can you resist?!  YES, this is goal! Believe me, there were several times, I said NO WAY...this is going to become TOO hard....

Ok, this sign is pretty on the money...course doesn't account for what I have already done.  Had already gone about 1.5 miles to this point.
So up we go

Crested this ridge, not realizing what was over it...and got a WOW view !

Believe it or not this is NOT flowers!
Not sure what it was, but the leaves were chaning colors.

Ok, now we are really up there!  All I kept thinking here was the song Mt. Pisgahs lofty heights! Hey don't ask!

Thought this pine was very pretty, asymetrical to say the least.

The mountain in the distance....yes, I came up that one!

Mt. daisies....ended up taking pictures of these two twice....not easy finding any flowers at this time.

There were some Nettles way up there too.

Another view west, but higher than my first one.  The Awesome views from here were something to say WOW to!

Then we continue up....there were MANY switch backs, which really do make a difference in the trek...could not have stood that long going straight up....

First into the sun, then away from the sun.  back and forth!!!

Shall leave you with this one for today...have to get to Curves.
I did have several people pass me on the way, up.  This one group of 3...the guy, 59, and his wife....both is shorts....I prefer my legs covered on hikes...less scratches....their compainion a 56 yr. old CPA, looked 10 years younger, said her husband turned back way down the mountain...don't remember why... Ya to Women Power! ha. I had met them at Josephine Saddle, and again at Baldy Saddle.  They DID pass me up on the way down.  I made it in 3 hours, I am sure they did it in 2.5!  His knees were hurting.  NONE had hiking poles, and really, they make the trip DOWN so much it is VERY hard on ANY knees!!!

Saga continues tomorrow!

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  1. I do know that feeling of 'addiction". you can feel proud of yourself.