Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wild Burrow Trail, Hike, 10-08-09, Part 1

Sorry about the PARTS here.  But to post all of my pictures at once would take alot more time than I have at one time!

The trail from Dove Mountain Road went in and out of the Wash for about two miles... At this point I headed down into the Wash for the first time.  The sign there was nice, but NO arrow to point where next?!  So I headed across from here, and luckily found more of the trail.  I DID post a rock pile to help other hikers!

Pretty nice trail through the wash, the only thing I didn't like is all the soil cementing! Made the trail hard like a rock.

At this point luckily they had marked which way to go.
There are ALOT of "arrows" marking which way to go which is really nice.

Here is the new Hotel going in. I am told once it is open the Wild Burrow Trail head will be moved there.  That would really be nice to cut off the trek through the wash!
The only thing about all the contruction out here, is that you don't see any wild animals.  They are chased away by all the noise and people.  A real shame.

Here we have the Markers pointing to several choices. The board in the background is void of a map or anything, Not sure why.

 I wasn't sure what trail to take since I wanted to get in about 6 miles or more.
As I was contemplating this, 3 gals came down the trail in the foreground, from the Lower Javalina trail. The one was able to tell me what trail to take which was really helpful.

So up we go.  If this is the LOWER trail, wonder what the Upper Javalina trail is like.  I SHALL check that out soon.

Up and up.

And a trail marker up this trail.  There was another leading to still another walk from here.  Still one to check out in the future.

YES it DOES go up and up.  Though it looks like quite a chore, really it was not.
Well that is all for today!  I do have SO much more to share.  I just enjoyed this so much.  I was really pleasantly surprised.
YES, the trail is quite rocky but not that hard to manage as you would think.

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