Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wild Burrow Trail, Hike, 10-08-09, Part 2

Continuing on the Lower Javalina trail...this view is looking behind the way I came.

This is looking up the canyon from this trail. The trail in the distance, I think is the Wild Burrow trail itself.  That is one trail to follow in the futre!

Here the trail catches some of the morning sun.  Still heading up here.

Gets a little more rocky here. but it does head off in the distance.

Just thought this was great.  A nest in this Cholla.  Cactus Wrens are the ones who do that.  Then they scold you if you come around. VERY noisy!

This Saguaro on the trail, has several arms curled downward.  Signs the tree has experinced freezing temps during the winter.

Trail starts down here.

From up here, I could see rocks lining the path through the wash to the other side of the canyon.  This was taken with a 10x telephoto lens, looks alot closer than it actually was from this height.

Arrived at the path ..

View from the Wash back the way I came from.

I didn't take alot of pictures the trail up to this point, as it really looks alot like others I have been on.  The odd thing is how much dryer this side of the canyon is. The rocks were very different too.  The trail arrives to this point, and till you get to the top, you don't know where it goes from there.  But the view you come up to is great!

Looking over the other side

Then the view....

Well all for now.  ALOT more to share.  Can't do them all right now.

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