Sunday, October 25, 2009

Madera Canyon, Hike on Oct. 24, 2009 (Part 1)

Planned out my trip before hand.  Packed my Camel back the night before with essentials I would need for this hike...however....NEXT time, I remember to take along some Ibuprophen....that trek down was HARDER than going up, my legs were so tired!

Anyway, got up at 6:30, filled my bag with 2 liters water with 2 pkts. of KO2 Protein Water mix.  10 grams of protein , very helpful in your water when hiking. Next time will add one more pack though. 

Anyway, on my way at 7:30.  Driving towards Mt. Wrightston on Madera Canyon Roadway.

Pretty in the distance for sure. Oh my what to expect!  Got to the trail head and ready to leave by 8:30 AM.  Pretty good....Distance about 49 miles from my home.

Love these trail head signs.  They are common everywhere so far!
I marked this one with my hike...

Never noticed the ONE WAY sign here as I drove in...could have parked a bit closer to the trail head! Oh well...

Anyway, the SIGN pointing the way!!! YES...Super trail is not one I will do at this point, it is 2 miles further in distance to the Baldy Saddle....NO thanks! However, a thought in the future I guess....WHAT am I saying? MERCY!
I visited the "fun" bathroom you find at these points in the National Forest....then on we go...

Little did I know what I was heading into when I set off up this road way wide trail to start .  So pretty, figured, it would get better and better!  I was committed to this trek, so what may will come....

Well, the "roadway" trail didn't last long, and here we turn up...and it did continue, UP and UP and UP!!!!!


Trail here stretches of the few times!  Still heading up, but gently.
Actually the trek up was not as hard as you would expect considering the elevation was from just over 5,000 going to 9,000 feet....WHAT? Yes, really makes me sound a bit teched in the head!!!!

Oh , my goodness, tell me I am NOT got to the top of that?!

The view along here is spectacular for sure!

Continuing on the trail.

Up and up!

Finally getting to see the view, pretty high here....looking west...

Lots of areas along the trail with so much green grass.  There was NO running water on the mountain.  A Ranger told me later, it was because the Monsoons did not drop the expected rain.   But what they did get sure makes the difference.

Well I want to add more, but 16 pictures and all is alot for now.  I WILL add more tomorrow continuing my trek to the top!  This will be MORE than 2 or 3 parts I am sure....Come back and see!  I love to share this beautiful area!

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