Friday, October 16, 2009

Mt. Lemmon, Oct. 14, 2009, FALL Colors.

Well, I do need to get a nap here after working all night.  Go out with my daughter this evening for dinner and a movie maybe.
But wanted to get these last pictures posted before I do....

This was my first encounter with some color on my way up.

More of the same....boy this is almost too brilliant!

At the Ski lift.  Parking lot is surrounded by the trees.  Lot is closed to traffic  when the lift is closed.  Not sure why.

I have taken these very trees before, but they did not look quite like this!

Big Tooth Maple, all ablaze!

More Maple...they sure put on a show! I have not ever been here to catch them.
Guess I always got up here too late.

Peek a boo Maple!

I was driving up a road called TURKEY Run...spotted this one!

These trees are in a shady glen

Another Maple on this road.  An unmaintained county road

Quite and peaceful...

See the Creek? Can't figure where this water runs from

Last but not least, FIRE! WOW...oh I forgot , don't mention that dirty word on this mountian.  They have had their share.
To ADD: This was not part of my hike pictures.  Took some before and some after, around Summerhaven etc.
All for now...time for a nap!

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  1. is beautuful. It is breathtaking! I want to be there. Please stop by my page and tell me how long this hike was.