Sunday, October 4, 2009

Caltalina State Park, Sutherland and 50yr. old trail, Part 2

Ok, going on from where I climbed up the wooden steps and on...

I was really surprised at how nifty this trail really turned out to be.
From the map, I expected boring! NOT!

This upward turn, used rock steps which I see alot on these trails.

Then back to the woodend steps.  This IS in succession, I did not go backwards!

View looking West I believe.  Overcast till afternoon, thus the dimness.

On and on....

Not sure how this will look enlarged.  But this was one BIG barrel cactus.
I am sure swollen from the rains we got the day before.

View of Pusch Ridge from here.

Keep on trekking!

View of this ridge from the Sutherland trail...I thought, Oh I hope I don't end up there...well, I later found out the 50 yr. trail is at the top there, almost in a straight line!  Mountains in the distance are the Tortillias, where I one day will hike!

Ok, all for now... come back tomorrow!!

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