Friday, October 2, 2009

Last post of my Aspen trail hike on 9/27/09

Well has taken me a few days to get this all uploaded.  There was SO much to share, and I sure enjoy for myself, clicking on a picture that opens up so big, I fee like I am still there.  I thought my screen was big, but I may look into an even bigger one! Mercy, this one is almost too big for me.

Well anyway, to finish....

Decided to post my self portrait here after all!

Almost to the Aspen Grove.
Am sorry now I did not take a picture of the GIANT Aspen that my sis and I saw years ago, alive.  I am afraid they were killed in the fire. VERY sad, however the new growth is amazing!

Yes this is part of that trail.

Well here we are, the new growth.  Amazing!

Some old trees survived. This is not an Aspen of course.

Aspen grow from the roots.  I would have to say this is OVER KILL on the trees part.  Not sure if this is the response one sees secondary to fires.

OK GOODIE, The rocks across the Gulch in the late afternoon sun.  I am almost done!

The end.....Wow what a walk.  REALLY a wonderful trail.  HIGHLY recommend one hikes this trail from above.  DON'T start from Marshal Gulch, it is all uphill for at least 2 miles... GRUELING!
Thanks for coming along!

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