Friday, May 27, 2011


 A telephoto of the river coming down from Nevada Falls. Amazing.  Too bad no trail up to the falls. Guess you have to hike to the top.  One day!
Say good bye to the bridge over the creek from Vernall.  Had to share this one. Climbed down the bank, (trail obvious from previous venturers) to get this picture.  Just so awesome.  But this is SAFE the past, water comes down so heavy it even goes OVER this bridge.
Mist seen , again with telephoto, of Nevada falls.
Well, at the finish of this hike, I spotted this oddity.  Weird.  Looking back on that tree, it was DEAD. Guess it got all it could from the rock!
Ok, so for some final valley pictures.  Caputred this one of Half Dome. 
Spotted this falls just pouring down a long ways.  Do not know if it even has a name.
Ok, as I drove up the road to view the famous lookout of the valley I first saw the day I arrived. Spotted Bridal Veil Falls!  Honestly had not seen it till now.
Mist from the veil.  So pretty.  Not sure about a trail to this falls, but certainly one I need to check out one day.
Ok .....THE VIEW! Everybody was there photographing this view!  Good time to film here too.
Another of Half Dome from here.  Telephoto to capture it closer.
                      Of Course EL CAPITAN....the most climbed mountain in the world....NOT ME... NO WAY!
And this falls,  on the other side of El Capitan, Ribbon Falls.  It's hard to believe that this waterfall is often overlooked because it sits directly across the valley from Yosemite's iconic Bridaveil Fall. Nonetheless, it's got a 1,612ft (491m) vertical drop adjacent to El Capitan and has a flow that lasts for at least the Spring months and early into Summer. 

That is it for Yosemite Valley views....Hope you really enjoyed this tour!

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