Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, lets see if I can post more of my time in Yosemite right now.  This part from a hike to Mirror Lake.I was told by one on the Rangers, that Mirror lake is being let go to its natural state.  It naturally clears out at times, they no longer dredge it out....thus you do not have the same situation I saw back in 1995.  A lake that was so reflective of its surroundings.  Truly a Mirror.....I had so many people ask me where it was ....hated to disappoint them, looking for a famous lake that is no longer a reality.
On the way....
Gets a bit more like a hiking trail!
HUGE rock in the river, a silent testament to some of the activity that happens here....
Trekking through the rough trail....but I loved it!
Looks so inviting here
First view of Mirror Lake....
Really IS pretty, but so different.
This rock I have a picture of surrounded by a huge lake, now, it is odd to look at here.
All for now....finish this hike tomorrow.

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