Thursday, May 26, 2011


Love this trail....continuing to the falls.  Really was well traveled the day I was there, had to wait a bit to get a picture without people!
At the top turn, was a huge block of rock covered with moss.  Almost looked like a barge. Amazing to realize it fell from above....yikes!
This part of the trail heads to many other places, including Nevada Falls.  One I want to do one day.  Over 3.6 miles I believe one way.  Not bad...
More of the pretty trail, and just around the corner....
Mossy green covers the cliff sides of the trail, due to the mist constantly from the falls.  This is one of my first glimpses
Here the trail starts UP, it is WET, but so MANY people were braving it!  WET and all.
Some of the steps.  Carved by a drill.  Amazed me.  Sure made the climb easier.  But was SO wet.
First good view of Vernal Falls.  Took this with my telescope lens.  Looks like I am closer! NOT
Brave people continue to climb here, into the mist.  The trail DOES take you to the top of the falls.  Maybe if I had a raincoat, I would have braved the wet rocks.
Water pouring down the mountain from Vernal.
As I climbed back down this trail, the sun hit the mist just right, and I caught a RAINBOW!
Heading back down the easier part!
Last for today....

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