Monday, May 16, 2011


This view here really shows well, how this trail heads up and over the flume.  When I first did this, I thought long is this, can I do it....with my balance problem!  BUT , kept my head down, watching my trail!  Was not about to fall!!!!
Can you tell the water was moving pretty fast!
This one really shows the Flume as it crosses the ravine.  There were 9 of these!
Along here, this part of the trail is line with what looks like stones, but are OLD sand bags!!! Probably full of cement, to become a good solid wall.  Still find it odd, there is such a variety of walls!
Well, as I am walking along here, I here this RUSHING of "wind"....but then it dawned on me, it was the RIVER below!
Saw alot of wild flowers,  here a huge grouping of Lupines.
Here, I found some controls for the flume.  They look old, but with new padlocks, suspect it is used.
Up and over a pipe....there were several of these too.  Not as much water this time.
Here a pine with new growth on all the tips....neat!
Leave you with this view of the river, from one on the LONG treks on the trail.  I was getting TIRED of this!!!!

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