Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hiking this trail gives one awesome views!  Here my first glimpse of Nevada Falls.  NOT hiking to that falls this time around, over a 6 mile trek! Amazing to see this Falls, having not realized you could not see it without a hike up here.
Next, a view of a very minor NO NAME falls,  produced by the run off, only seen then I am sure.  But still pretty, and falling a long ways!
Next , the trail to Vernal and beyond.  ALL paved!  Pretty, and very pleasant, conducive to meditating on God's wonderful creation for sure.
My next view of Nevada Falls....WOW....hey I took my new camera on this trek.  The megs are still BIG here, and this blog is able to upload them.  amazing.  Anyway, we pulled around a corner for this view.
Can you see folks resting up here?!
Here we are approaching the bridge over the water from Vernal Falls.  This bridge amazed me as much as the paved pathway, in that the beams were ONE piece from side to side.  Had to have been brought by a copter I am sure!  Just past the bridge to the right was you LAST bathroom stop.  AMAZING to have this up here!
Water BOILING down the river.  It really was !!! much water.....Amzing to see, especially coming from Arizona, where we are into another year of DROUGHT.
FIRST glimpse of Vernal Falls.  WOW.
The trail fromthe bridge is more like "soil cemented"  Alot of areas washed out.  I can imagine why!!
Last for now.  MORE of the raging river!

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