Sunday, May 15, 2011


Promised to try to upload some pictures tonight.  Not sure if I can, but will try...

Entry to the flume path...
Looking in the direction I was going to travel.  So Pretty, had NO idea what lay ahead!
Looks pretty tame and easy....I could have done this one without my poles!  All pretty level ground....very peaceful..
The pipe pouring down the hill from the entry way, was one really full of water!
Lush greenery all along here.  Course with all the rain they have had.  NO wonder at the green stuff!

One of the metal walkways, NO rails here.  20" wide.
Seems to go one for a LONG way.  This is one of the LONG ones.
Another short one, The funny thing, is some are held in my cement walls like this, and some by wood, others fiberglass.  Odd.
Still goes one here....but more later.

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