Wednesday, May 18, 2011

YOSEMITE ... beauty beyond belief

Wanted to get pictures up here from my trip in May....posting here for best views.  Clicking on the pictures will open them up bigger.  Do enjoy! 
Starting with one of many of Upper and lower Yosemite falls.  With all the snow and rain in Calif. the falls were full blast and so awesome.
Walked to the lower falls from Yosemite Lodge.  Easy , nice trail , that everyone was going to.  Had no idea, I should have my RAINCOAT!
Water pouring from the falls, looks like a whole lot more than you see!
One of the many signs here.  Click the picture to read it easier.
Part of the paved trail away from the falls towards the shuttle bus site.
Another sign here, about John Muir
Ok, on the trail to the Shuttle, is one BIG BOULDER.  One of many that have come off the cliffs above.
A bridge over one of the many creeks in the valley
That is it for this trek. 
To follow, hiking to Mirror Lake...

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