Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well, shall try to finish this one.   This one looks back on the first LONG all metal of the flume .  Really the way you do this type of a hike, at least for me, was to keep my eyes DOWN on the path!

From here I could look up at the mountains, where the Fires of 2008, came so close to Paradise....
Well, lo and behold, I come to an actual trail that went down almost below the flume, then up.  Nice to have a change!
How about a side path???  Saw several of them....most had signs, NO TRESSPASSING...This did not, and I did not have time to check it out!

Ok, more flowers....have no idea the name of these....
Ok, that is the trail I was to walk on....yes, the flume hanging onto the mountain.  LM tell you, this was WELL maintained, or I would NEVER have braved it.  Did not creak and groan at all.  I believe the water fall is past those rocks on the left.....
The river below was raging full blast.  No wonder Lake Oroville is 95% of capacity.  I WILL share before and after of that soon.
Well, finally the Water fall.  Believe it or not, this is really they ONLY decent picture I got.  Not sure why, but then I was hanging out there...and it was a bit scarry!  I even video taped some, and that did not come out right.  crazy
Well, ok, it WAS worth it, don't ya think?!

Have to admit that pathway....looks alot smaller than 20"!
Well, guess that is all for this trek!!!  Hope you enjoyed seeing some things we don't normally ever get to see.  I moved to Paradise in 1961, NEVER knew this existed....!

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