Friday, September 25, 2009

West Lambert Lane Park

This is one of the Parks I walked today.  This one very "wild" compared to the other.  Really a pleasant walk....

This is the view looking from the Parking lot to the highway entryway.
Kinda boring I guess....

Ok, this is facing the exact opposit towards the pathways.

From the parking lot, it doesn't take much time to start up a hill.
Very well maintained.

At the top, the trail heads north here.

This is the view facing the exact opposite.  Hard to believe, this is near so much civilization.

Ok, arrived at the point I started, and now am heading up this other portion of the path.  Saw a little old lady, walking up there.  No poles!

More of the same pretty area.  This whole area is lined with very OLD Palo Verde trees.  Nice.

The trail here is obviously in need of some maintanence since our Monsoons.

The trail ultimately comes out here.  No signs from this complex that there is even a trail here.  I sure would never have found it unless I had come from the other direction.

Up the hill from the previous picture, still obvious path, but not as well maintained.  Guess they need to do some work here.

Ok, had to sit and ponder a bit.  They have these benches throughout this area.  NICE....I really have to come here one late afternoon, to capture some of Pusch Ridge with the evening shawdows.

Ok, couldn't resist, another view of the Tucson Mts. west of here.  The "saddle" in the middle of the picture, is where I hiked in the past!  Plan to do this one again....but from the other side, soon as the weather cools a little more.

Ok, had to take this view of these beautiful Saguaro.  Note the background!

This "ship of the desert" has died.  Takes them a good while to fall over.. meantime they animals, and bugs continue to enjoy this tree.

Heading back.  Really so nice.  Hope you have enjoyed the walk with me.

Walking down these steps, leading to the Parking lot.

Thats all folks!

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