Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More of my Hike on Mt. Lemmon, 9/27/09

Aspen Trail

All of these pictures of course show this trail passing through the burn of 2003

Not sure how this will view, but this is a map of the Aspen Fire.
At  the top you can see the intersection of the trails just outside the red outline.
The pictures of the trail are from inside the burned area.
I really did not think the Aspen I saw there , so tall, so dead, were affected by the fire.  But this map shows the truth.

A very sad day....

View of Tucson from the Aspen trail!

The plan is to allow the forest to recover naturally.  It is amazing how much it is doing just that.

There are many cut away logs along this trail.  They have done such a great job of repairing this wonderful trail to accomodate those of us who love the area.

I did take a LOT of pictures, so
will close  for now.
More later!

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  1. Love, love loved all your hikes, so wish I could have been on them with you! I would have enjoyed a trip to Tuscon to visit you!!