Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mt. Lemmon, Sept. 20,2009, MINT SPRINGS TRAIL

Mint Springs Trail head sign.  I do love these trail head signs!

This trail has a few switch backs on the way to the ridge.

The trail winds through some Aspens, lots of ferns etc. So nice to see considering all the burned out areas up here.

The trail continues on up.  Really was a very nice path.  Would rate it easy to moderate in parts.

The new growth trees along the path with the dead burned out trees in the background, show there is alot of hope in recovery of this forest.

The trail here, is almost to the ridge.  Beautiful up there even with the burned areas.

The Lemon Rocks...there is a trail to them, a future hike I am sure!

Heading back to the trail head.

The "quaking" aspen along the trail...they grow from the roots, coming back quite nicely for sure.   No color changes yet...but soon.

Have to assume this is "MINT Springs"! Little brook trickling along here, with soft brook sounds...very pleasant.
All of this portion of my hike and this trail....I turned around before I got to the other ridge.  Ended up doing 3.1 miles here.  Really very nice!

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