Monday, September 28, 2009

DAY OFF, HIKED again! Where else? Mt. Lemmon!

After church I headed up the Mt. again.  I would not have gone again this soon had it not been for it being Sunday.  I like to go to church, and well day time Temps are still WAY too hot for hiking anywhere else.  As it is, Mt. Lemmon was not as cool this Sunday as last, but still better than the Desert floor.

I wasn't too sure what hike I would do, so decided on the Aspen Trail out of Marshall Gulch.  I forgot there was an ACTUAL sign at the trail head, and not seeing it, headed up this other trail that was side by side with Marshall Gulch.

YES there IS a trail here.... up and over the tree limbs.  Similar to the other trail.  Didn't register at this point what trail I was on...

Crossed the creek of MANY.  That was the difference from the previous trail.  Thus I was still cueless as to where I really was.

Another creek crossing.  One can tell ALOT of water does go through at times!

One has to look UP to see the leaves changing.  I spotted COLOR on the trail, which made me look up to see this Maple tree.

This was a very pretty crossing.  I lost track of how many crossings.

The meedting of the trails.....I was on the LEFT trail last week out of Marshall Gulch.  Saw the one on the right, had NO idea where it went or came from...
Well I came out on the trail to the right in this picture.  I now knew I was NOT on the Aspen trail!  So I figured I would head to the ridge, and catch the Aspen trail going back...

Could you decorate your OWN place as well??? Thought this was really beautiful!

At the top I spotted all these beautiful little trees.  They are letting the forest grow back on its own.  Looks like it is doing a fine job!

Heading out the Aspen trail.  Ahead of me, another lone hiker...she had come from the start of this trail, not the Gulch.

Well I have to add to this another day, Gotta get ready for work!

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