Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sept. 20, 2009, Mt. Lemmon, Marshall Gulch Trail

Heading up this trail....full of trees.  The fire apparently did not hit this area as much as elsewhere.

Same area, a little different view.

First Creek crossing.  This crossing brought the creek to my left, and brought some memory back of this trail my sister and I had hiked together years ago, before ANY fires up here.

This rock formation, may not give you the same feeling as seeing it in person, but MY GOODNESS it is really huge!

Trail a bit rocky here, creek to the right.

Ok, I DID find some color changes along here.  This little bitty Maple tree, all in Fall colors!

More of the gulch along the trail

Pool sparkling in the little bit of sunlight.  This creek is apparently one of several on Mt. Lemmon. Seeps out of the ground.

Ok, could not resist a picture of these trees full of HOPE!

This part of the trail was a bit fun to get through. There were several parts of the trail like this.

almost to the top of the ridge where Marshal Gulch, Mint Springs, Aspen, and the Wilderness rock trails converge.

Here I am at the top.  Has been at least 25 years since I was here.  Don't remember most of it.  Sure don't remember this rock!  Course , also, the trees that are still alive there, are BIGGER!

Trail marker here, lists all the trails that meet here.

More of this area.

Heading out here takes you to the Wilderness of Rock trail.

This part heads towards the Aspen trail...the one my sister and I walked years ago.  It seemed to go on forever.  We were kind of sorry we got on there, as we were pretty tired!

If I had stayed the course on the Mint Springs trail, this is where I would have come out to.

I went back this way to Marshal Gulch.

Rock formation on this I do NOT remember at all.
Sure wish we had a camera back then!

Self portrait pose up in this rock formation.

View down from the rock.

Same rock, different view.  This rock is being eaten away like the rocks of the Chiricahua Ntl. Mounment.

The forest here is surrounded by dead burned out trees.  Again, alot of hope of re-forestation!

Heading back to the Gulch.

Pleasant trail back. Pretty wildflowers too!

Another beautiful tree with greenery at the top.

and more!

End in sight...

Sunsetting on a long, but wonderful day....

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