Monday, September 7, 2009

My Hike through the Saguaro National Park, East

This is a VELVET Ant. Saw him up the Lime Falls trail. Can't get this to move to where I want it.! One of the FEW Critters I saw on my walk.
This is the Sign post at the Broadway trail head . Different from the ones I usually see. But this being the Park, may be why.

This is the Sign showing the trails from here. I chose the Cactus Forest Trail. .1 mile from this start. You head southeast from here.
One of the first washes that this trail goes through.

Still, another Wash, that you walk through. Really pretty, serene.

Then on my hike to Lime Falls, you walk through a wash aways, and come to these rock Markers of where to leave the wash! Thank goodness, because it would be easy to just continue up the wash! I sat down up at these Falls, and looked down the wash back the way I came. The wash is in the distance, and part of my "trail".

This is Lime Falls. You can tell there has been ALOT of water through here when it rains. Doubt, it ever runs for long, unless there is snow in the Rincons, the mts. immediately to the East of the Park.
Hope you can click on this and Enlarge it to read about the Lime Kilns mine. I didn't know anything like this existed here.
This is the rements of this Mine.
Heading back here. The cloud cover from this morning is in evident by now. Nice, as it was not as hot as it could have been out there.
More of the trail. Pretty sure this is on my way back, being it is overcast here.
Ok , here I am against a GIANT Barrel Cactus. They don't always get this tall, in that their root systems are not as good as a Saguaro, and they tend to fall over before getting so big. I am 5-1, so this tells you it is BIG!!!
Barrel Cactus blossoms. Their is a VARIETY out there....Some more golden, these red...
Two different Cholla. The back one is called TEDDY BEAR. The other is a Chain Cholla.
Then you have a dead Saguaro. It is amazing how the desert and critters all make use of this process.
One of the signs alot the 8 mile one way road through the park.

Some of the views from this road.
Went to the Visitors Center after my Trek, and as I walked in there, complained of the COLD! Then I spotted this Javalina! Said, I had not seen any animals and was so excited to see this one. Then this guy next to me, says, "There are 12 of them out there!" That was embarassing! ha.
This is the North side of the Center, cool, and down from here is a pool.
I said there is water in there, is that natural....the Ranger said, yes, but we also use our hose! ha.
One of the babies, and there were MANY! Too cute!
Well, that is it, hope you enjoyed the "tour"!

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