Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well, here I go, Linda Vista Trail. This trip, I am going the opposite direction from the trail head. Interesting how very different this trail looks going a different direction.
Evidence of the tremendous rain that came through here on Tuesday. The area for the most part was still damp...especially in the shade of the mountain.
Up we go, this part isn't bad. BUT I really encountered alot of rocks.
Next time I shall wear my knee brace for extra assurance. The trek UP is not too bad, but coming down is very hard on bad knees.
Been to the top here, this is just a different time, with the sun shaded by the Mt. Here looking West to the Tucson Mts. The same ones I hiked in before.
Believe it or not, this is the spine left behind from a dead Prickly pear cactus. Note the intricate weave , the water holding system when the plant is alive.
First rays of Sun hitting the trail.
Sun light on the trail.
Ok, anyone reading my blogs, know I like to capture and animal or critter on my treks. WELL, I was really floored by this one. He was just sitting still, not scurrying off. He WAS alive, not dead! Tarantulas are not critters to be afraid of. They don't bite usually. AND if they do , it is not poisonous. They like a diet of bugs, and not FLESH!
More of the trail.....really such a nice trail.
This is a view across the wash. On my climb up the trail to the top. The sign post to this trail is blank. Frustrating not to know anything about it. However, this trail is not that bad...VERY rocky, and hard going up. Figured hard coming down, but guess I found easier ways down, as I was down in no time, without any trouble.
You can tell by the dried black moss here, that tremendous amts. of water cascade down here during our rains.
Going up here. As you can see this is not the best marked trail.
Since I went up further her, I was floored to note this man made dam of rocks across the wash. Not sure who or why, but obvious would save water here. May also have been a way of slowing down the torrents that flow down during the monsoon storms.
This is another dam up further from the first one. The telephoto lens sure brings it up close! I did NOT have to go down there...that is good! ha.
Trekking down here. Again, rough, and looks like the trail is very hard to find, but believe it or not, it is actually quite visible.

View up the gorge, one day, I want to follow this trail and find out just how far it goes. Heck if I can get this far, I could go on up for sure.
I tell you my poles sure make the difference in climbing here!
View the moon!!!!
Trail down. Continues rocky, and wonderful.
Oh dear, WHO is that?! ha
This view, has Pusch Ridge Academy in the distance. YUP civilization right up to the trail. Aggravates me how much how this beautiful land along the ridge is PRIVATE. Good grief, no wonder the Big Horn are pretty much gone from here.
Had to take this one. It is of the trail I just came down.
Well, all done....didn't take one of the very end!
This trail is so great. I did encounter 4 others up there today. Two gals, hiking without poles , yakking steadily. The last a rough looking fellow with a long "okie" beard. Didn't notice water. I can't fathom a hike without my water. As it is, did not take my back pack, just two 24 ounces of water. Most of this walk was nice and cool.
One thing have learned that the "off" trail I took, as ROUGH as it is, I was able to maneuver it....thus, I have a feeling I would not have a real problem with Ventana Canyon trail. The descriptions say it is a rough climb!
Well that's all folks!!!

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