Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trekking around Tucson today.....

This road is called Picture Rocks road, named for the Indian drawings on the rocks in this area. Can't believe this road never changes. Have driven this road for 27 years, it still has this wild winding curve!

Road goes over the pass here, and down into the Saguaro National Park.

Pulled off the road at this point just over the hill, saw the little marker, thought OH, a trail! But not sure what is really here, as the marker only warned about behaving yourself on state land!

Looks intriguing to say the least. This "trail" goes down into a wash. Don't know where after that. Nothing on my map.
Found the Hugh Norris Trail head here. Had to take a DIRT road to this spot. Looks interesting. This is a rugged and strenuous hike I read. Really climbs the mountains.
Weird rock seen from the trail head. There are many balancing type of rocks in the Sonoran Desert.

One view from Red Rock Visitor Center.

And this one. This is afternoon, and it really was not THAT hot.
I bought a map here that has pretty much all the trails in the vincinity. WOW. Had no idea. This map DID show the Thundbird trail which I had hiked. Good thing I had turned around, as it went on and on!

This is one little trail I spotted off Picture Rocks on my way home. The trail leads into a wash. Called the Cam boh trail. There is a picknicking area here too. Wonder if anyone ever actually has a meal there!!!
All for now...

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