Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is the trail head sign. This sort of sign is used for all trail heads around here. Love these signs!I have highlighted the trail I hiked this morning on Mt. Lemmon in yellow. The red is the direction I came up the highway. This is called the Sunset Trail. Really a nice one, fairly well maintained. Not that long either. Had a surprise at the end of it.
Ok, well so here goes. This was the real beginning of the trail. To get here, I saw a TRAIL sign on a tree, but nothing more. Luckily there was a lady walking by who was able to direct me to the trail itself. Not sure why it wasn't better marked. Lots of cabins in here. No sign saying I could not walk there.
Well this trail went down , down down....but it was pretty gradual, so figured I could handle it coming back. The total trip was listed as
over 2 miles. However, it was a little less than that.
Ok, I didn't do too well taking me against this rock. But WOW it was one BIG ROCK!
The hills around here are full of huge rocks. I mean the trees are growing out of them. Something to see.
Well, the surprise on this trail was that I actually came out at Marshall Glutch. I mean there were picnic tables all over full of folks like me escaping the heat! This creek was a big attraction for them too. I was so surprised to see this running water up there. Where it comes from WHO KNOWS!
At Marshall Glutch I took my "token" animal picture...This is Abby. Cute little dog. Don't ask me to say the breed. Going back to my car, I ran into two more dogs....funny is that I had had both dogs just like them at one point in my past....their dogs were Chuck, a Springer, and Alabama a German Shepard. Very nice dogs. Mine were Skipper, and Carlie respectively. Will have to find pictures of them to share one day!
The trail back....this doesn't show as much, but there is so much burned out areas, old ...probably from the 2003 fire.
From here I drove on up to Sky Valley, and on up to the Summit Trail heads. Good luck actually finding trail heads there. BUT there were a LOT of people up there. Some actually camping.
I would have more pictures, except I forgo my CARD, and had to use my internal memory. Did NOT leave enough room to do much . DANG. That was dumb.
Well until next time!

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