Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19th Hike from El Camino Del Cerro Trailhead

I have marked the trail in yellow. Parked at the end of El Camino Del Cerro in this HUGE parking lot.
This is the first sign I encountered as I headed on my hike.

The first part of the trail was pretty tame, and quiet pretty. The morning sun was warm, but then it was 6:30. AM temp at my house was 70.

Encountered this Saguaro nestled in its "nurse tree". Young saguaro often grow in the shade of a Mesquite, which shades the babies from the hot Arizona Sun.
Here is a more mature plant still in the mother tree. The saguaro does NOT kill the mother tree in their shared existence . Not sure how the saguaro helps the tree, but the TREE sure helps the saguaro!

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