Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweetwater trail, 8.80 miles round trip

Sweetwater trail through the first wash

Some of the stone steps seen on this trail. Amazing as big as they are, quarried and brought here, who knows how long ago...VV

This is the sign at the top. LIES. If that trail was only 3.4 miles from here, how come it took me so long???? My pedometer measured 8.80 miles round trip!!!! Took 5 hours.

View from the ridge into the valley to the West of the Tucson Mts. Sorry I don't know the name of the Valley.

Wasson peak....NO I did not hike up there....too tired...maybe another time.

More of the other side

View of a HUGE cholla cactus on my way down the trail

some of the trail down.

View across to Pusch Ridge.

Sitting on top of the world!!!

Poles at rest.

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