Saturday, August 22, 2009

Muggy oh so MUGGY!!!

Well today, that is not the case. We had a storm come up SO fast, the sky turned BLACK. I barely made it to Curves for my workout at 3pm, when the wind hit , then the rain!!!
WOW, DOWNPOUR. ALOT in a few minutes! To the point the WASH was closed off to traffic!

The WET sidewalk after the event. This picture is blurry when clicked on...Hey took ALL these with my CELL PHONE!!! Can't believe I left home without my camera!
This is one of the trees along my road that was really blown apart. We lost ALOT of trees in Tucson yesterday, the wind gusts I heard were upwards of 60 MPH! That is not nice for us.
Well Hope this gives you an idea of the fun we have in the desert!!!

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