Wednesday, August 19, 2009

4th. addition to my Hike on August 19,2009

Well, this is a DUH. I missed this obvious arrow, and went straight on the trail I thought I was to walk. I did make it to the right trail, but when I got back to this point and saw this, I put a dead saguaro pole across the wrong trail. Hope it helps someone in the future. Can you see in the distance , the trail I just came up on! I am , of course on a ridge at this point.

This is another DUH. The trail I actually walked was the Thunderbird Trail. All the time I thought I was on the Sweetwater Trail. THAT will have to be another day I guess. I just didn't read my map right, but when I got back to this sign, I read it and realized what I had done. The map I was using, however, did NOT show the Thunderbird trail. Not sure why.
View from the ridge, I believe those are the mountains by Picture Rocks Rd.
That is all for now.
Hope you have enjoyed this Hike with me!

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