Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mt. Lemmon snow, February 2010

Decided to upload pictures I took yesterday, just because they are better viewed full size!  Some need to be full size for better viewing.  First 3 pictures are just up the Mt. Lemmon Highway.

This is high on a cliff as you go up.  Amazing in the sun, but freezes after dark, leaving this display.
This is where I parked my car when I hiked the Butterfly trail in the foreground
My car! July 18, 2009 ( the pic. above is the same location!)
The creek at Summerhaven
The road to one of my favorite hiking spots during the summer. Here the road was cleared.
This is a little spring along the Marshal Gultch road way.  Etched out in the snow! Pretty.
At this point the road was closed to Cars...but not to foot traffic.
Was wishing I had carried my boots from the car.  Wasn't able to go all the way to the end because of that.  BUT I did go within 500 feet of it!
Ice on the cliffs along this road.
View across the creek up the hill.
Homes up the hill.  Some good sleding areas, and apparently owners don't mind.
Here I am at Ski Valley.  This is partly piled from snow plows, but it is piled on top of existing snow.  Higher than me here...over 5 feet.  Couldn't look over it!
This view heads up to the very top of the Mt. another one of my hiking areas.
The bus with chains on was taking people up to the UofA's telescope to view the stars I guess!
The parking lot alot the Ski area, with the Aspens I took pics of this fall!
Ski Valley...Hey I would not even think of going up there .  I don't ski!
Can't get over the PILED snow here! Amazing.  Course the folks who run the place are VERY happy with all the skiiers who came to ride the lift and ski down!
View over that pile along the parking lot to the East. Took EFFORT to get this, I was NOT going to try to climb up the bank! Sorry!
Ok, almost back to the bottom, spotted MORE WATER ha! Stopped and took a picture.  Not really a place to stop, oh well!
This Water fall was across the gorge, where you can stop to look at the view.  Never have ever seen any water there!
This is a close up of it.  Think it will be blurry when enlarged.
Well that is all for now!  Hope you enjoy all of it!

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