Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Falls, Bear Canyon hike, 2-25-10

Last Bridge to Bear Canyon. LOTS of water here.
Just never saw any water here before.
Octotilla greened up from the rains, can Spring be far off?
On the trail to Bear Canyon ahead
I believe this was the 3rd. crossing.  I didn't take them all. They were all pretty much the same.  FULL of lots of water.  A fellow can be seen in the distance, where you want to come out to continue on the trail.
I had to stop along the way, and take pictures of this water.  WHEN will we see the like again?
Water here, was so light and feathery, pretty.
More heavy running water
This falls was almost to the end
Well here we are.  Can't help, I took alot of this.  Not many get up here to see it, because you have so much wading to do.
close up of the one Falls
Lower falls
Well, that is in for now.
Not sure if you can view this.  But I have posted a video of the falls on Youtube.

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