Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great Walk, NEW Walk, along the Rillito

After church today, I wanted to get in a walk....if I had known I would be on call tonight, I probably would have gone down to Madera Canyon to see if I could see some snow.  I do work tomorrow night, and still may head down there just for a look see.  Course Mt. Lemmon is an option too.  We shall see.

Anyway, I entered the Rillito River Park off of Swan just south of the river.
There is a very nice place to park.
This view is looking back towards Swan Bridge. The path goes on that way to Alvernon.  I have not walked this side of the river before.  Always planned to!
Ok, so here I go heading East. The path here is dirt.
Hard to believe there is WATER in the Wash at this point.  Drives up as you go futher west.  The one thing I did notice, NO funky odor like the Santa Cruz .
This is the bridge over the Alamo Wash.  LOTS of tile work. Really pretty, and has NOT been vadalized!
This pathway just over the bridge heads south.  One day I shall have to check that one out!
Thought this was an oddity.  A paved area in the wash.  No obvious connection to the path.
But then I pick up a paved path.  Weird.  AND this was just in the aread of the Wash.  Maybe so it would not be washed out.  Who knows!
Continuing on , this path does wind around a bit here.

Ok, for the proverbial doggie!!!! This is Pierre. BIG beautiful Poodle.
Very sweet dog! Posed like a trooper!
Hmmmm, another off shoot from the path to explore in the future!
Like WHERE does this go???
Ok, so here is a stream running so nicely.  Had to take a picture to post!
This was on another bridge crossing.  Not sure what it is supposde to be!
Ok, so across the Wash, that bridge is nice and odd, as it crosses one of the many washes from the mountains, but really goes NO where .  It dead ends under the Craycroft bridge.  I would guess, they plan to extend the pathway in the future.
The Craycroft bridge.
Here I was just showing how LOW the bridge is to the pathway.  If I can touch it, it is probably not even 6 feet!  Be sure to DUCK if you are tall!!!
Ok, this is the East side of the bridge.  There is a pathway here, but nothing official at this time.
Ok, on my way back from here.  The path East of here on the south side, takes you down into the River.  I chose to turn around!
I came back on a different pathway here, this is heading towards the Alamo bridge.
LOFTY Finger rock.... I LOVE these rugged mountains!
The Cotton wood takes a licken' and ....well you can see the debrie from the high waters.
Here, I needed something to show why I took this.  The edge of the path is maybe a foot from the river  bed.  In other words NO walking when the water is high!!!
Well that is all for this trip!

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