Thursday, January 28, 2010


Raining this am....I wanted to hike so bad, but it was also snowing in the mountains....couldn't even see the mountains...
Later the clouds parted . 

Then next is the deep shawdow of Pima Canyon

I had NO intention of going there and "hiking" a bit, time was after 5pm, and with clouds and all, it would get dark soon.  BUT, I wondered if I could hike up and see water in the Pima Wash....

Trail was unchanged from the past, expect it was very moist!

Course this is looking back the way I came, in the forground is the border between private property and State Land, the Wilderness.

I had not been on this trail is AGES.  Actually I think this trail was one of my very earlierst hikes.  I did not go well prepared with water. So did not get very far.  I really want to do this one again when flowers are blooming.

Well I had turned around to go back to my car, as it was getting dusky.  Took a picture of a puddle on the trail.  Lots of puddles out there.

Not sure how the lights of Tucson will show up.
Anyway, that is it!!!

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