Sunday, November 8, 2009

65th. Birthday Adventure. November 7, 2009 , Mt. Wrightson

Heading up the trail to the peak of Mt. Wrightson from Baldy Saddle.

Trail leading to Baldy peak from Baldy saddle.

This was interesting, in that this tree, healthy growing, was in a ROCK!

Heading up one of 21 switchbacks from Baldy Saddle.

Marker at the TOP, tells about the lookout that was here once. Explains alot of pipes you see on the way up this mountain. Can't imagine having to LIVE there.  The remants of the post are still there.

The trail as it arrives to the top, which is VERY SMALL in area.  The peak ones sees from a distance, actually IS a PEAK!  Very limited in size, but what a view!

Ok, now you can see me with my special flag in celebration of my hike on this day!

And one with the view!

What can I say.  This view is AWESOME!

East view

North view towards the Rincons I believe.

The Catalinas, another favorite hiking spot!

View of Baldy Saddle crossroads.  The first trip I made stopped THERE.
Wow, looking down, I had nothing to hang onto either.  The foreground grass is the edge of the peak!

Have to head down ....this trail really hugs the mountain!

Baldy saddle destination. Can't see the trail but it zig zags up to the "V" here.

Pleasantly on the way down!!!!

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