Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mt. Lemmon, snow and ice 2-6-16

 The Rincons from Mt. Lemmon Hwy.  Snow in the foreground on the shady side of the Mt.
 Scenic pulout still has snow. Hoodoos on the right.
 Ice on the Quarry.  Very little compared to 2010

 Still alot of snow on the Hwy.
 Plan was to hike Summerhaven to Marshall Gulch.  WOW the ice!!!
 My favorite roadside water fall, runs all year long.
 Ice falls along the road.  NEVER seen this before! Nifty!
 Makes me think of Stalagmites in a cave!

 More ice across the creek
 This is the first roadway across the creek . Has a restroom at the far right.  However, there is a TREE on the bridge.  Luckily it fell the length of the bridge.  I drive this in summer to park my car.

 The creek is so pretty here
 The Visitor center fella said this was pussy willow.  I really have never seen it as a tree!
 My little water fall looks bigger from this angle.

This Trek was planned....from the Visitor Center to Marshall Gulch and back.  I have done this before with alot more snow.  Had no idea it was all uphill going back!  Registered 35 floors on my Fitbit.
The snow was pretty compacted , and there were alot of folks enjoying the snow, sledding mostly.
Coming back I did take a tumble, but I was fine!!!!

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