Friday, January 22, 2016

DESERT SPRINGS TRAIL, Tucson, Arizona 1-21-16

View  from Desert Springs trail,  Just ascending
First "saddle" place to rest.... You can see a bit of the snow on Mt. Lemmon.  Still lasting....
First water on trail.  Not alot, but nice.  From here it is alot more UP!

From here I can see the rock mountain at the top.  Would love to go there, but it is a couple day hike.  No road to the top of the Rincons.
This is my favorite part of the trail to Bridal Wreath
Have been to this creek when it was really flowing heavy.  Someone was nice to place alot of steps across here.  This water comes from  the falls.
Heavier than my last visit.  So nice to see and listen to it.  I have been here when I could not get this close.  TOO much water then!  Other times, NO water at all.  
Trek back with the Purple Catalinas in the background.

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