Monday, December 26, 2011

Come along on my White Adventure, MT. LEMMON

Mt. Lemmon Highway, piles of snow both sides mostly from the trucks clearning the highway
Looking back down the highway
Snow piles from clearning.
Ice forms when the snow melts.  Isn't even dripping now, too cold.

Piles of snow from cleariing.
Someone built an "igloo" at Butterfly trail head
Sleding down the hill.  Creek that runs through Summerhaven in the foreground
This part of the roadway is cleared off....helps alot !
Water across the road here,  Had thought it was from Mint Springs.  But too far down.
Hillside with its white blanket of frozen water!
I believe this road way is a maintenance road.
More ice and snow
Here is the gate across the road, and the end of the maintained road.  If you want to go all the way to the trail head, ya have to WALK!
This sign is inviting!
More ice....definitely cold!
Lots of folk do venture down this way.
Trail head....pathway in the snow to the Outhouse.
Marshal Gultch trail .....NOT FOR ME!
The outhouse covered with snow.  Doors CAN be opened.  No paper, but they are usuable which is nice.
The sign in the foreground is where one usually parks their cars!
Trail head sign
Snow on the walkway over the creek.
ICE in the creek
Creek , snow and trees, so pretty
Heading back.
Hey, had to have a token picture with the snow!
 Me by the sign.

 Summer haven.  Hill behind is barren from the fire in 2003
 Post office.
 Ski Valley.  Looking down the hill to the East from the Parking lot.
 Ski Valley
 No road maintained to the very top of Mt. Lemmon.  You have to walk it if you go.
 Another Mt. here devoid of greenery
 Roadway sign to Summerhaven, and Tucson
Eastern view from Mt. Lemmon
 Mt. Bigelow
 Bear Wallow roadway, blocked off.
 No water flowing here now.  Trails obliterated.
 Ice at the Quarry.

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